“The secret to growing your business through advertising isn’t

spending more; it’s generating a higher response rate from the

dollars you are already spending”


To accomplish this you need advertising, sales letters, videos and emails that take your prospects down a greased slide to the natural, easy conclusion of making a purchase from you.   You need to hire a direct response copywriter who understands that advertising is multiplied salesmanship and who has learned to write from the best in the business.

Hello Yifeng,

Thank you for writing, and sorry for the delay in getting back.

No, I don’t write for clients any more. But a copywriter I can recommend highly is David Franklin. You can reach him here:

Good luck to you,

Gary (Bencivenga)

If you are looking for a copywriter that…

  • Understands the importance of thorough research.
  • Has studied Claude Hopkins, John Caples, David Oglivy and Eugene Schwartz.
  • Has spent the time and money to train under Gary Bencivenga (few can say this), John Carlton, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy,Bill Glazer, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher.
  • Someone who sells in every ad he writes. Even though the prospect doesn’t feel like they are being sold. 
  • Comes personally recommended by the greatest copywriter of all time!

…you may want to talk with me.

“Hi David,

You just completed a piece of copy THIS compelling … destined for sure to be a

blockbuster … in just TWO days????

Oh man, David, now you’re scaring me.

Congratulations. This is awesome!

All the best,

Gary Bencivenga”


You’ll get the benefit of  my 25 years of successful experience writing advertising for radio, TV,  newspaper and magazines that have gotten amazing results for my clients even in this economy.

  • A toy and sporting goods retailer in business for 25 years has had four record years in a row.
“Recession? What recession? Had our biggest Black Friday, biggest Saturday before Christmas and biggest holiday season in our 23 year history. The ads you created and placed literally had merchandise flying off the shelves. Thanks David”

Hooked On Toys

  • Another retail client experienced a 50% increase the first month I started writing their ads.

“The first month we hired David Franklin to help us with our advertising we saw a 50% increase in business”

Gary Shelton, Sports & Fitness Outlet

  • A one time, one page, $900.00 ad in a local fishing magazine produced $63,000.00 in paid pre-orders for a $9.00 fishing lure two months before it was even available.


See the ad here Brad’s Super Bait Ad

Hi, David,

Spending today catching up on email, and had to write back after seeing your

ad for the fishing lure.

Re, your comment about the fishing lure ad, “I don’t think it’s that great.”

Don’t think it’s that great? I think it’s one of the best ads I’ve ever laid eyes

on, my friend!

Sure the testimonials were terrific and, in effect, handed to you. But (and this is all that

matters) you knew enough to use them! This is the foundation of the most important

thing that I teach–the stronger your proof, the higher your response (generally


Your amazing results bear this out.

After taking two years off from writing my Bullets, I’ve decided to

write them again. This time around, I want to (at least much of the time)

reprint great ads and tell why I think they’re great. Can I use your fishing

lure ad for this purpose and share the amazing results you mentioned?

It teaches a great lesson (the awesome pulling power of great proof elements)

…and may even generate some new business for you. I would clear anything

I write before running with it.

What say you, David?

Gary Bencivenga

Of course I said yes.


“David has developed all of our advertising for years now with fantastic results.  Recently we asked him to write a full page magazine ad for a new fishing lure we developed. All I can say is wow. We could not keep up with the orders, the factory could not keep up with the orders. When David writes the ad, the product sells.”

Tom Kallas
Wenatchee, WA

Now I want to put my years of experience and training to work to

put the “response” into your direct response advertising.

Do you want hordes of raving fans for your product or business?

  • Want to make more sales?
  • Have more repeat sales?
  • Get more referrals?

Do you want…

  • Sales pages that have prospects nodding while thinking “yes, that’s for me”?
  • Opt in pages that get people to wait with anticipation for your email?
  • Banner ads that get clicked by the right prospects?
  • Email messages that are treated like those from a good friend?
  • Direct mail offers that get opened and are seen as real solutions and fantastic offers?
  • Magazine ads that stop a prospect cold and force them to read your message?
  • Newspaper ads that sell with powerful headlines?
  • Radio and TV scripts that provide listeners useful information and a call to action?
  • Outdoor advertising where YOU are remembered?
  • Brochures that enchant, inform and sell?
  • Yellow page ads that make the phone ring?

“David is an exceptional copywriter who completed the entire job exactly as requested and without requiring any ‘hand holding’.  Highly recommended – would be happy to work with him again in future.”

Ian Webbe, Output IT, Melbourne, Australia


Hi, my name is David Franklin and I can help you make your online or direct mail sales letter, newspaper ad, magazine ad or yellow page ad, online video, TV or radio advertising copy your biggest super-star salesperson.

I have 25 years experience writing ads and early my career I  learned…

Creativity may get you noticed… but solid salesmanship will get you the money.


To put it another way, the right conversation will get you the right conversion.

People really appreciate a little friendly human interaction that is centered around their favorite topic in the whole world…

  • We will make sure both your product and the prospect are equal heroes in your ad.
  • Show your potential customers how you solve their unique problems, fulfill their dreams.
  • Create a burning desire in them for your offer, tell them exactly what to do next and how to do it.
  • We’ll make buying from you easy, pleasurable and the obvious smart thing to do.

People really want good information that they can use to make a decision. Their decision!

We all love to buy stuff, it’s our nature, we just want to buy “the right stuff”.

One thing my client’s have all agreed on is that…
…I write ad copy that makes them money.


It has made many, many millions of dollars in sales for my clients over the years. At the writing of this, I still have the first client I retained as a freelancer over ten years ago and still do 100% of their copy writing. The amazing part is that they are in a multimillion dollar industry that seldom stays with anyone for more than a couple of years. They have stayed with me because they are getting results.

“David Franklin has been creating and writing all of our advertising for the past ten years. I have worked with many advertising professionals over the years and David is the most creative I have ever encountered.
David focuses on what will grow our business not just what will win advertising awards. I highly recommend him to anyone needing effective advertising communications.”
Sidney Kane
Kane Automotive Group


You deserve the the best so I learned from the best
Most good copy-writers cut their teeth on  masters such as John Caples, Eugene Schwartz, David Olgilvy and Claude Hopkins as did I. I have also learned all I can from copy writing and marketing guru’s Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy and a host of others.

Over the past 25 years I have learned from the very best because your success and mine depend upon it.

Know what the most vital thing that I have learned from these highly successful marketers is?

The most important skill of a good copywriter is solid sales experience.
I will never pen a novel nor be your best choice for an annual report. Buy if you want sales letters that sell, ads that convert and communication that creates relationship, call me. I learned how to sell by knocking on doors and making cold calls on the phone and I haven’t forgotten the basics of good salesmanship or the importance of customer retention.
Frank Kern say’s “Just tell people what you’ve got, what it will do for them and what to do next”
Crazy as it sounds, it really is that easy when you know exactly how to do it. Or you hire a really savvy copywriter to help you…

  • Create relationships with new prospects.
  • Maintain them with current customers.
  • Make both want to buy from you.
  • Buy more and buy more often.

Isn’t that what you want? Of course it is that’s why you really should call or email me right now while it’s top of your mind. Tell me what it is you want to accomplish and we’ll get started. I will guide you through an amazing discovery process where we will work together to build a plan to reach your very specific and strategic goals with me doing all the heavy lifting.

That or you can say, “here’s what I got, here’s what it does and here’s what I want people to do…if your such a hot shot savvy copywriter, then make it happen.”

“When the Black Phone Book was first being introduced to North Central Washington in 1991 David Franklin conceived, created and implemented an advertising campaign for us that was pure genius. It was instrumental in our highly successful product launch in that market. I highly recommend David as a creative copywriter and marketing guru.”

Jim Hail
President & Co-owner
Hagadone Directories Inc. “The Black Phone Book”
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Call me in Wenatchee, Washington at 509 six seven zero 7248 9 to 4 PST
or email me using the handy contact me button in the upper right.

If you want to see if we are a good fit there are two ways to find out.
Call me and we can have a good old fashioned conversation or if you prefer to not get so personal until we know each other better, email me and tell me what you have in mind.

Call or email me and let’s talk about creating for you… some raving fans.
Phone in Wenatchee, WA is 509 six seven zero 7248 Monday through Friday 9 till 4 PST.

Or use the blue contact me button on the upper right of the page.

“David knows how to write words that cause the exact desired actions.”

Lisa Carnes
Cornerstone Lending

One thing I can promise, if I do not think I am up to the challenge, do not feel we are a good fit, or I am just too booked to help you in your desired time frame, I will not only tell you so but will recommend some top notch writers for you to contact.
I know a lot of them.

Continued success to you,
David Franklin

P.S. I will do pro bono writing (Latin for “the public good” ) please keep that definition in mind when making a request. I have to believe in the not for profit cause and have the time to treat it with the same importance I do every piece of copy I write.

P.P.S. If you just have a copy writing or marketing question
email me and I will email you back an answer… if I know it…on the house.
It will be a real email from me to you, not an auto-responder.